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RLR Laundry Treatment (Best for Stripping Diapers)


Great for stripping cloth diapers! 1.35 oz. pouch

Removes dried-in mineral deposits and detergent residue from clothing and diapers. Makes whites whiter and colors brighter for just a few cents once a month. Not a bleach, blueing, or detergent.
  • Details

    What makes RLR Laundry Treatment so popular:

    Removes dulled, dried-in particles from fabric- great for stripping!
    Works be removing particles, holding them in suspension in water and preventing them from being redeposited on fabric
    No phosphates
    Free of perfumes
    Not a bleach, bluing, or detergent
    Makes whites whiter and colors brighter

    Directions for Stripping Cloth Diapers
    For top loading washers, add 1/2 pouch to a hot wash. For HE washers, use 1/4 the pouch. Rinse and rinse some more until suds are no longer visible. You may try using 1 full bag (1/2 bag for HE) for diapers that have extreme repelling issues.

    Directions for General Use
    Open package and empty directly on dry or wet laundry in washing machine. Wash as usual with detergent, softener, etc. as desired. RLR can also be used for handwashing of one or two small pieces of clothing- just use a small amount in a basin of water.