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Happy Heiny One for All Pocket Diaper

$18.95 Regular Price
$16.95Sale Price
Fits 8-35Lbs!

Better Fit for Babies:The ONE for ALL diaper’s rise has been shortened a bit to fit smaller babies better, now offering a better fit for both big and small babies, and every size in between!Less Bulk. Less Drooping: The improved One-Size now features a smaller belly panel and reduced width between the leg openings. This styling change means less bulk in the bottom and less drooping for a better look, fit and feel!

Leak-Resistant: Happy Heinys works to make diaper changes as easy as possible. The new leak-resistant design offers improved performance over the original One-Size, especially when worn by slender to average weight babies.

Longer Life: Happy Heinys diapers include fantastic elastic bindings that are easy to replace if needed. With this value-added assurance, the investment in reusable cloth diapers lasts even longer, through multiple changes and multiple siblings, if necessary!
  • Details

    If you love the idea of a velcro closure on your diapers, but dread the “diaper chains” that occur when the laundry tabs fail and your diapers stick to each during washing and drying, our no-fail laundry tabs will be a breath of fresh air. Leading the industry with enclosure tabs that fold back on themselves our goal is to make laundering, stuffing and using your diapers that much easier for today’s busy family.

    In addition to a great fit, the assurance of a high quality USA made product, and a company that promises the best in customer service, we also priced our diapers with your family budget in mind. Our diapers are designed with easy-to-replace elastic, meaning if your elastic wears out during the course of your diapering years, a few stitches and a seam-ripping tool is all it takes to make the diapers like-new again. Additionally, our snaps on the front of the diaper, to adjust the size, and also the enclosure snaps are under a lifetime guarantee by the original owner, we ensure your diapers are built to last from top to cute baby’s bottom.

    Make your baby’s heiny a Happy Heiny today!