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FuzziBunz Large (L) Perfect Size Pocket Diapers

Why choose FuzziBunz Perfect Sized diapers for your baby?  

Provide a trim, Perfect Size fit for your child
Available in X-Small, Small, Medium and Large
Convenient and easy to use - No adjusting

Wait, there’s more! FuzziBunz have improved snap alignment and sewing techniques, fabric reinforcement and improved material manufacturing processes, etc. That, combined with strict specifications, hands-on inspections and strict quality control procedures, gives us the confidence to offer our famous cloth pocket diapers. Each Perfect Size diaper includes:

1 – Perfect Size pocket diaper
1 – Microfiber insert (X-Small, Small or Medium/Large depending on size purchased)

How do FuzziBunz work?
A pocket diaper is an outer waterproof fabric and an inner dry layer which form a pocket within which a replaceable absorbent pad is inserted. When soiled or wet, the inserts are removed and the diaper and inserts are washed and dried.

Stuff the Pocket: Insert the absorbent pads between the fleece and outer waterproof layer.

Snap It On: Place the diaper on your baby as you would any diaper. Snap it closed and further adjust the fit using any of the snaps located on the front of the diaper.
  • Details

    X-Small FuzziBunz are for either preemie or very small babies - they will fit newborns very well, however, not for a very long time.
    Small FuzziBunz will fit babies that are newborn (although they may be a tad big at first) through about 6 or 8 months of age when they are ready for the mediums.
    Medium FuzziBunz will fit babies with either small or large thighs. Medium is our most popular size because babies stay in this size the longest! They will fit babies from about 4 months old (depending on their growth rate and size build) up to potty training stages.
    Large FuzziBunz will generally not start fitting your baby until at the very least, 12 months old or are in the weight range or very tall.